Sugar Trip
Season One, Episode Three
Air date May 31, 2010
Written by Chris O'Neill

Sean Kiely

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Sugar Trip is the third episode of the first season of Leo & Satan.


Leo and Satan run out of sugar for their pancakes.


Leo is about to add sugar to his pancakes when he and Satan realize that they have no more sugar. Satan suggests that they go to the grocery store and forces Leo to put his socks on. As they skip through what looks like an abandoned city, they run into Esquire the Exposed Entrepreneur who apparently has what they need, thinking they were after cocaine. Being naive as they were, Leo and Satan mistook the cocaine for sugar. When asked about the price, Esquire asked how much they had. Satan pulled out a penny and what appears to be some pubic hair, which was apparently an even trade, as Esquire took the items with no problem and took off quickly to stalk children, using the pubic hair as a fake mustache. Leo and Satan return home and 'sugar' those well-deserved pancakes - but then they start to feel funny. Leo begins to hallucinate quite vividly, then wakes up on a beach exclaiming "What the fuck happened?!" as an enlarged Satan destroys a ship in the background.


  • The opening sequence is first seen in this episode.
  • The fan-favorite character Esquire makes his first apperance in this episode.

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